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Olka 527


3 pcs set

Price3,20 Eur
(VAT 24%=0,62, VAT 0%=2,58)

Hangers: light clothes, pants, shirts, skirts

Palaset world-famous OLKA hanger for coats, shirts, pants and all kinds of clothes! Use it at home, office, in public spaces or anywhere you like. OLKA suits all purposes and locations. A true multifunctional and durable hanger sold the world-over. Handy hooks for skirts and a generous bar for trousers. Comes in a set of 3 pcs.

Designer: Muodos, Ilkka Kettunen

Material Polypropylene
Stock colours
  • transparent white
  • transparent dark blue
  • transparent denim blue
  • transparent turquoise
  • solid white
  • solid black

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